Marley SCR No. 0433. Prince Champion Marley Wonder Grimm...Prince of Spirit, Champion of the Streets, a Wonder you survived, the perfect Collie Boy in our Grimm’s Fairy Tail. You had the true spririt of a Collie. You rose above the abuse you endured to bring nothing but happiness into our lives. But even more, you gave back to the world as a Therapy Assist Dog, bringing smiles to children’s faces and long lost memories back to the elderly. Your collie smile greeted us at the door, and you made us feel unbeliveably loved and adored. You were our love, our Boy, our Collie Soulmate. We will love you forever! Momma and Poppa, Shauna and Bert Grimm. Thank you Southland Collie Rescue for bringing Marley into our lives!